Parkinson’s TMJ Support Articles

Below are the main support articles about Parkinson’s, TMJ, and Cranio-mandibular dysfunction.  Parkinson’s TMJ support articles are modified from time to time as further relationships are recognized.  In this section are numerous articles supportive of my hypothesis that long term cranio-manibular dysfunction is the cause of most cases of Parkinson’s.  These articles are the scientific basis for this new treatment.

  1. Treatment of Epilepsy through the Trigeminal Nerve;  Dr. Jennings, 1986
  2. Parkinson’s: are some cases misdiagnosed Cranio-mandibular Dysfunction; D. Jennings, 2008
  3. Substance P Cascade; D. Jennings, 2010
  4. Trigeminal disturbance hypothesis of Parkinson’s; Dr. Jennings, 2011
  5. Benefits of scalp acupuncture for Parkinson’s (abstracts)
  6. Use_of_Jaw_Orthopedic_Therapy_in_an_Anti-aging Regimen;   Dr. Jennings, 2011
  7. Influence of occlusal destruction in dogs
  8. reticular formation of the brain: part 1
  9. reticular formation of the brain: part 2
  10. tmj_and_reticular_formation

Effect of bite on Brain Function:

  1. Hard Food Suppresses Pain Propensity
  2. Soft Feeding Inhibits Neurogenesis
  3. Occlusion and Brain Function
  4. Effect of Tooth Loss on Cholinergic Neurons
  5. Effect on Chewing on Memory
  6. Effect of Implants on Brain Function
  7. Short Dental Arch and Brain Blood Flow

Articles re: glial activation:

  1. Tnf_induced_by_sub_P
  2. Microglia activation with Pain
  3. Magic of Glia
  4. Inflammation in Parkinson´s Diseases
  5. Trigeminal injury Induces Glial Activation
  6. Glia Involved in Trigeminal Central Sensitization
  7. Microglia activation by sub P and Parkinsosn
  8. Trigeminal Relationship to Olfactory

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