Parkinson’s Associated Pathologies

Parkinson’s is known to be associated with very broad neurological dysfunction and non-movement symptoms (Wiki:Parkinsons disease, Mov Disord. 2001 May;16(3):507-10. Comorbidity of the nonmotor symptoms of Parkinson’s disease).  The broad commonality of Parkinson’s associated pathologies and TMJ associated pathologies are strong evidence that there is a connection between jaw misalignment and Parkinson’s.

Multiple research studies have shown that TMJ/ jaw dysfunction is likewise associated with a large number of comorbidities.  Many studies have also demonstrated that TMJ is associated with very high medical utilization rates (tmj utilization abstracts)

Clinical experience, as well as multiple studies, have shown that a wide spectrum of medical conditions respond positively to jaw alignment  therapy, including Parkinson’s. My clinical research suggests that is  primarily because of  elevated “substance P” induced by jaw dysfunction.

The following disorders are some of the more common clinically encountered with Parkinson’s associated pathologies, but many less common ones exist.

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