This  website is being launched to bring forth the quickly evolving information about the treatment of Parkinson’s through jaw orthopedic therapy.  I have been heavily involved in the research and publication of articles on this subject since 2007.  Literature since as far back as the 1950″s has reported the benefit of jaw alignment therapy for movement disorders.  I welcome your questions.

Parkinson’s is associated with a very broad spectrum of dysfunction, as is cranio-mandibular dysfunction.  Multiple therapies that alter sensory input from the head (trigeminal nerve/cervical nerve) have been shown to be affective at modulating Parkinson’s symptoms.  It is my goal to substantiate the hypothesis that long term cranio-mandibular dysfunction is the likely cause of most cases of Parkinson’s as well as present multiple case histories.

I would like to acknowledge Jo Rosen at parkinsonsresource.org for the tremendous amount of work that she has done to bring this to the forefront.  I would encourage all to subscribe to her newsletter as a source of information on Parkinson’s treatment.

Dwight Jennings, DDS, MICCMO

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