Effect of Bite on Brain Function

In addition to bite therapy affecting many aspects of Parkinson’s, it has the added benefit of impacting memory, cognition, brain inflammation, brain repair, brain blood flow, myelination, and brain neurotransmitter levels.  Please see the new section under “articles” that is dedicated to literature support for this concept (articles)

6 Responses to Effect of Bite on Brain Function

  1. Arlene Klein says:

    Can you suggest any dentist in the Washington D.C./ Baltimore area?

  2. Andre says:


    Could you recommend any dentists in Cape Town,
    South Africa?

    Hoping you can help


    • dwight says:

      I do not know any dentist in South Africa, nor were any listed in the numerous organizations to which I belong.
      Dr. J

  3. TRISH says:

    Are there any movement disorder TMD dentists in Vermont/New York ?

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