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  1. Malcolm says:

    Hi Dr. Jennings,

    Just came across your site and thought I’d say hi and ask a few questions. My mother has Parkinsons and is in a nursing home. She has dentures and has for several decades, wasn’t sure if not having teeth or her fitting would affect her jaw at all. Would most dentists be able to check her jaw alignment or would they need to be a specialist? She is now having most of her food pureed because Parkinsons makes it hard for her to swallow. I saw the one article about the effects of chewing and am wondering if the puree actually makes things worse. Perhaps gum or something she wouldn’t need to swallow but still be able to chew could help.

    What would you suggest for having her checked or using a splint or something to see if it would help her. Thanks.


    • dwight says:

      Dentures are made typically at the last position the jaw was in when the last of the teeth are pulled, which is usually a very collapsed jaw position. It would be best to see someone who has lots of experience in tmj therapy, and preferably a “neuromuscular dentistry” background. Likely would want to find the right position for denture modification with a splint (so as can test the new position before making the modifications).

      There is an article that i came across on using cayene pepper rinses daily to improve swallowing, but getting her dentures corrected should improve swallowing. Soft food diets are known to increase dementia (see Elder Care Initiative articles) and should be avoided if possible.
      Dr. Jennings

  2. Electra Westmann says:

    Is there an orthopedic dentist in the Palm Springs area that you would advise? Or is any orthopedic dentist qualified to correct the TMJ thing in regards to Parkinsons?

    • dwight says:

      Electra: For TMJ/parkinsons docs check in with Jo at for the best in the Palm Springs area. She will give you the best info. Dr. J

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