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Parkinsons voice initiative

Parkinson’s voice initiative: Recently there has been news stories on at least Fox and NPR about the Parkinson’s Voice Initiative ( They are asking for 10,000 people to call in for 3 minutes to analyze their voice to develop a … Continue reading

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Parkinson’s TMJ patients trends

Trends in Parkinsons TMJ patients: From the moderate sample of Parkinsons TMJ patients that I have seen, there are emerging trends that I think need to be pointed out.  Four of the last six patients have been orthodontically treated four … Continue reading

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Implication of blink reflex defect and Parkinson’s

Blink reflex has been found to be abnormal in 70% of Parkinson’s patients. This associated pathology  very strongly supports the jaw misalignment hypothesis of Parkinsonism since trigeminal stimulation impacts blink response. Blink reflex (see corneal reflex/ Wikipedia)is the closing of … Continue reading

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Parkinson’s and comorbidities

Today a patient told me of a relative who was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s, but also has lymphoma.  These two conditions together increase the likelihood that the cause of both is a bite problem.  When the bite is off it … Continue reading

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Dystonia and other forms of movement dysfunction

Many case histories have shown that jaw malalignment can cause a wide spectrum of movement disorders: trigger finger, blink reflex, torticollis, scoliosis, poor gait, weak limbs, etc.  Some of these case histories have also shown that dystonia is but another … Continue reading

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Use of Jaw Orthopedic Therapy in an Anti-aging Regimen

TMJ manifests as a lot of different conditions, from mild to life threatening.  One area that is often overlooked is the effect of a poor aligned jaw on elder persons.  This can be critical to quality of life.  In some … Continue reading

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Trigeminal disturbance hypothesis of Parkinson’s

Dr. Jennings’s Parkinson’s Etiology Hypothesis: Long term disturbances in the trigeminal system are the cause of most forms of Parkinson’s.  In most cases this is going to be due to jaw malalignment, though it could be other disturbances within the … Continue reading

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Acupuncture and Parkinsons

There are numerous articles that extoll the virtues of acupuncture for Parkinson’s (effect of scalp acupuncture in parkinsons).  I would definitely give this careful consideration in the event that I had Parkinson’s. But the most important part of knowing that … Continue reading

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Parkinson’s treatment with stem cells

Below is an article that I think is important, but which I believe will fail as my research shows that Parkinsons is due to a long term disturbance in the trigeminal system (most cases due to jaw malalignment).  If the … Continue reading

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This  website is being launched to bring forth the quickly evolving information about the treatment of Parkinson’s through jaw orthopedic therapy.  I have been heavily involved in the research and publication of articles on this subject since 2007.  Literature since … Continue reading

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