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We are a dental office limited to orofacial pain, TMJ, sleep medicine, orthodontics, movement disorders, and dental medicine.   Northern California Cranio-Facial Diagnostic Center has been in Alameda (the San Francisco Bay Area / East Bay) and in Sutter Creek, California since 1986.  Dr. Dwight Jennings is the owner.

About Us: We provide treatment for a wide range of dysfunctions that occur as a result of jaw malalignment.  Extensive numbers of case histories over the past few years has demonstrated that bite therapy is highly successful at reversing many of the symptoms associated with Parkinsons and other movement disorders. The medical literature is clear as to how bite dysfunction impacts the brain stem (reticular formation) and subsequently causes disturbances in movement.  Other literature explains how the bite can cause rigidity, poor balance, masked face, and impact speech.

Our primary treatment is with removable dental appliances, almost never involving surgery.  With these appliances we are able to align the jaw and teeth and resolve many medical complaints.  We use traditional braces in some instances to align the teeth and finish our cases.

Dr. Jennings

Dr. Jennings has been practicing pain management and orthodontics for 35 years.   He has developed a number of innovative diagnostic and treatment protocols that have significantly improved the effectiveness of treatment for jaw dysfunction.  He has done extensive literature research into the neuro-pathology involved with jaw dysfunction, providing a clearer understanding of this complex disorder.  His experience with pain patients has significantly altered his opinions and approach to treatment of orthodontic patients.  He was the first to publish an article in a major dental magazine linking jaw alignment to Parkinson’s.

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  1. Jose Ruiz jorugo@yahoo.com says:

    How I can help in a simple and practical to implement a patient with Parkinson interesting point to correct his bite? jorugo@yahoo.com

    • dwight says:

      At a very fundamental level, the primary problem that is found in all Parkinson’s patients is that there jaw is being forced to go to a place very different than where the muscles want the jaw to be. In most cases they need a lot of height in their bite (they are agape), so any mouth guard from the local drug store would likely improve their bite considerably (by making it higher). Many of the recent cases I have seen have had very damaging orthodontics (usually bicuspid extraction therapy which forces the lower jaw backwards). Some of the cases respond quickly, some have to be more precisely aligned and the bad orthodontics corrected, and a few percent don’t respond.

      Our clinical responses (some immediate) indicate that the cause of the tremors is not from dopamine deficiency, but from jaw nerve alignment sensors influencing brain stem (reticular formation). See article pdf on reticular formation.

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